Easily Print High-Quality Photos with Liene 4×6 Instant Photo Printer

Easily Print High-Quality Photos with Liene 4×6” Desktop Printer - liene-life

One of the most beautiful things about printed photos is that they can be retained in a physical way to appreciate and jog the memories, and the best about the Liene 4×6” Photo Printer  is that you can start to do it at the very moment that you want to grasp, well, technically 59sec after that moment. Of course, you may have concerns about portability, cost, operation, photo quality, etc. The Liene 4×6 instant photo printer should solve these concerns for you.

Liene 4x6 instant photo printer

The Liene 4×6” Desktop Printer has dimensions of 205 x 124.6 x 85.4mm, which is at a portable size and at the same time outcomes 4×6 inch of photos. This size can clearly present each face in a multi-person photo and is also a good size for displaying at home or hanging on the wall. With a 24.84Wh 10.8V 2300mAh capacity of the internal battery, the Liene 4×6” Desktop Printer can print about 40 photos at a time when the power is full, which can meet the needs of more than one family on one trip.

4x6 photo printer

Compared to traditional photo printers, it is easy to set up and use  and has multiple methods to print.

You can:

-Print from iOS device

-Print from Android device

-Print via USB from a computer

-Print via WI-FI from a computer

-Print with “Liene Photo” APP

With all these options, you definitely don’t need to buy a new phone or something for this.

instant photo printer

In addition to regular 4×6 inch photos, you can also print ID photos, you can choose the standard size of ID photos corresponding to your country to print, and you can retouch your photos before printing them. When you need ID photos urgently, you don't need to run around to find a print store, which is fast and saves money.

instant photo printing

Although you get a photo through very simple steps, the quality of the picture is definitely not compromised. Our equipment is powered by the Japanese original engine, paper feed accuracy is 1.15 μM. We use dye-sub print technology, CMY color model, and 256 color scale, the picture performs natural and the skin tone is delicate. We use high precision thermal print technology with 1280 print heating heads on one device, precision up to 8.54 microns. It can produce 16.7 million colors, and the resolution of pictures is 300x300 dpi. All of the above will ensure the clarity and authenticity of your photos. To the naked eye, the printed photo looks exactly the same as what you see in the shooting device.

best instant photo printer

In addition to the presentation of pictures, we also managed to ensure that photos are not easily damaged. The automatic photo over coating allows the color to last longer and makes the photos scratch resistance, fingerprint protection, waterproof, and oxidation protection. This way even if you have little kids or pets at home, you don't have to worry about them ruining your precious photos.

For a fine photo print like this, you don't need to spend much. In addition to the machine itself, the cost of each print can be reduced to $0.37 if you buy 80pack refills. And if you buy 40pack, the cost of each print will not be more than $0.50. Simple and sophisticated body design, easy operation, high-quality photos, multiple printing options, and low cost. This is definitely a high-quality-price ratio device.

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