LIENE is the acronym of

Isaac Newton inspired by a dropping apple had awaken the wisdom of universal gravitation. James Watt who through the observation of boiling water invented the steamer and led human being into the industrial age. Michael Faraday randomly enlightened by a shaking magnet brought mankind into electrification era. Every moment that we explore the insights of future, it is always dedicated by inspiration and aspiration.

Since its establishment in Shanghai Pudong, in March 2017, Hannto Technology Co.,Ltd has focused on the design, R&D, production and sales of intelligent devices, IoT applications, and image output products and services. We actively promoted the mobility, networking, and intelligence of the printer industry.

Hannto has launched a series of high-quality products and services in line with consumers' printing habits and needs. Our success and potential are deeply affirmed by the market and favored by senior venture capital institutions.

As headquartered in Shanghai, Hannto Technology has branch offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen, and Suzhou, as well as its own manufacturing factory. Hannto adheres to the global development strategy, takes China as the leading market, and continues to expand overseas markets with the brand of LIENE. The company has successively obtained capital support from Shunwei Capital, ZhenFund, Volcanic Stone, Zhejiang University Lianchuang, etc., and has completed the C round of financing and started preparations for an IPO.

Over time, Liene is eager to collaborate with the open environment and opportunities of this era, contributing more happiness and love to everyone on the global scale. This is the story that LIENE was born. Liene adheres to the global development strategy, continues to expand overseas markets, and continuously expands its intelligent printing ecosystem.  From now on, we expect everybody can join this brand family, grow and search a wonderful future together.

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