Amber 4x6" Instant Photo Printer

Bring Your Photos to Life!

Introducing the Amber 4x6" Instant Photo Printer

Capture and print memories instantly! Our Amber transforms your digital moments into vivid 4x6" prints. Compatible with iPhone, Android, and PC, it boasts top-notch thermal-dye technology and protective lamination. Fast printing via built-in Wi-Fi for up to 5 devices. Personalize with the Liene App. Cherish your memories forever with Amber!
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Step into a Colorful Journey with Liene Amber

Superior Thermal-Dye Dublimation Technology

Liene's printing technology uses thermal dye sublimation across three color layers - cyan, magenta, and yellow - ensuring deep dye penetration. This results in vibrant, professional-quality photos that authentically capture and preserve memories.

4-Layer Technology





Built-in Hotspot Wi-Fi Connection

Effortless printing made possible with stable and fast built-in Wi-Fi Connection! Printing directly from your device without relying on home Wi-Fi networks, whether you're traveling, hosting backyard parties, or embarking on family picnics, Amber ensures that your memories can be instantly printed and shared.

Print from Any Device

Seamless Compatibility with iOS, Android, Laptops, and PCs. Enjoy instant photo printing for up to 5 simultaneous connections, allowing you to share with family and friends or print from different devices without any hassle. The possibilities are endless!

All-in-one Editing & Printing APP

Print and customize your photos easily using the Liene app. Pick your favorite ones and add creative filters, frames, and effects to make them truly unique. Then, use this instant photo printer for your phone, and impress us all!

Upgraded Version of Amber

Introducing the upgraded Amber 4x6" Instant Photo Printer – now with a built-in rechargeable battery! With just 1.5 hours, you're set to print 40 sheets of photo paper in a row. Enjoy all the features you love, from vibrant prints to multi-device compatibility, but with the added freedom to print anytime, anywhere.

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Rechargeable Built-in Battery


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8.07" x 3.36" x 4.91" ( 205 x 85.3 x 124.7 mm)

8.07" x 3.36" x 4.91" ( 205 x 85.3 x 124.7 mm)

8.07" x 3.36" x 4.91" ( 205 x 85.3 x 124.7 mm)


1.2kg(2.65 lbs)

1.4kg(2.65 lbs)

1.2kg(2.65 lbs)

Print Technology

Thermal-Dye Sublimation Technology

Thermal-Dye Sublimation Technology

Thermal-Dye Sublimation Technology

Connection Type

Built-in Wi-Fi, USB-C

Built-in Wi-Fi, USB-C

Built-in Wi-Fi, USB-C


No Battery

Built-in Rechargeable Battery

No Battery

Easy Set Up in Just 4 Steps

Step 1: Load Paper

Step 2: Install Cartridge

Step 3: Install the Tray

Step 4: Power On & Connect App

Edit & Print