How do I upgrade firmware?

Device firmware upgrade can be carried out in the APP:
1. Make sure the printer is in standby state;
2. Check the firmware status of the current device on the APP home page (for Android phones, disconnect the printer and check it when the phone has a network);When the "little red dot" is displayed on the right side of "Device Name" on the home page, it means that a new firmware has been downloaded to the APP, and the device can be installed and updated at this time.
3. Click the "Device Name Area" on the home page to the "Device Details Page"; In the "Device Details Page", click the TAB of "Device Firmware" to go to the "Device firmware" page;
4. In the "Device Firmware" page, click the "Installation Update" TAB to enter the new firmware installation state.
5. Note: During the installation process, please do not leave the page or exit the APP, which will cause the upgrade failure;