How to install the ink cartridge and paper?

Liene photo printer consumables are divided into photo paper and ink cartridge:
Open the carton door on the front of the machine and the ink cartridge door on the side;
Unpack the ink cartridge in the box and insert it into the machine according to the instructions. Remove the top input tray of the machine, open the top cover and flip cover of the input tray, and put the disassembled 20 sheets of photo paper (1 pack) into the tray with the bright side facing up. After the photo paper is placed, close it. refer to the instruction manual for inserting the paper tray into the machine.
Tips: Buy extra consumables pack, which has 1 ink cartridge and 40 sheets of photo paper, but you can put up to 20 sheets of photo paper at one time, otherwise it will cause printing failure.